About The Clever West Wind

Hi, I’m Clarice. And this is my travel blog. This is the story of my and my husband’s adventures, our Shenanigans, and our Tom-foolery as we explore this beautiful green planet.

About the Clever West Wind

Some times I feel my ribs are too slight to contain my heart, but the world just might do it. This travel blog is simply an outpouring of my heart.

And there’s one word that sums it up perfectly.

Fernweh (n). A longing for far-off places, especially ones you’ve never visited before.

Fernweh is just a step beyond Wanderlust. You see, weh means pain in German. The journey is something you ache for.

I am not a professional or full-time traveler, but I do love to experience new cultures. I am some unnatural combination of a practical romantic, if there can be such a thing. And I can be a bit quirky at times. Just in case you hadn’t already noticed, I sometimes feel things too passionately for my own good. But I promise I will give you an honest, raw, although imperfect, description of the world from my nerd’s-eye view.

I hope to see as many countries and learn as many languages as I can before I lay to rest, and this is an account of that journey. I hope you find my travel blog of interest and of some use in your own travels. Welcome to the journey!

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