21 Best Gifts from Spain

21 Best Gifts from Spain

POV: You’re visiting Spain, in love with the country. Passing by the postcards, magnets and mugs, you’re looking for the perfect gifts from Spain to bring home with you.

The tapas, the music, and the sangria…The sweet scent of orange blossoms and the warm Mediterranean night air…Spain just has a whole mood about it, and you want to bring a bit of that mood back home.

And all the tacky, touristy nick-knacks just don’t capture the rich essence you’re searching for. But that’s ok, because you came to Spain prepared. You’ve got this handy list right here of the best gifts from Spain, carefully curated by Spain-loving travel bloggers just for you.

Best Gifts from Spain

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Iberian ham, gift from Spain

1. Iberian Ham

Recommended by Clarice of The Clever West Wind

Nothing says “Spain” like Iberian ham. And Iberian ham isn’t just any typical ham. It’s a dry cured ham made from the Black Iberian pig, native to western Spain and Portugal, raised on a rich diet of acorns.

The pigs’ diet gives the ham a unique flavor you’ll love. But for this most authentic flavor, you must purchase Iberian ham with the words “de bellota” included, meaning “acorns.”

For US citizens hoping to bring home this delicacy, be sure to verify the most recent regulations. Although cured hams from Spain are not typically allowed for import, it may qualify under “other commodities.”

And you’ll need to verify you purchase ham that has been USDA approved. Otherwise, you won’t be permitted to bring it back into the States, and you may face fines.

Another simple option that will save you research, headaches and potential fines, is to have your Iberico de bellota shipped from Spain straight to your door step via Amazon.

Click here to order a 2 oz. package or here to order a whole leg of Iberian ham.

If you’re visiting from another country, be sure to check your country’s regulations regarding brining ham home with you.

Moorish lamp, gift from Spain

2. Moorish Style Lamps

Recommended by Tina from Veganderlust

There are many amazing gifts you can buy all over Spain. One of the more unique gifts that can be found in Andalusia, the South of Spain, is a Moorish-style lamp

Andalusia was under Moorish rule for a long time. And even today you can find Arab influences all over the autonomous region. Especially in Granada, home to the famous Alhambra palace, the Moorish influences are all around you, from Arab baths to tea houses. Visiting the Alhambra palace, the Arab baths and the tea houses are just a few of the amazing things to do in Granada.

Many of the Arab tea houses are decorated with colorful Moorish lamps. They give a warm, relaxing light, and they come in lots of different colors and styles. Granada’s markets have plenty of these lamps to choose from.

The best places for shopping in Granada are in Calle Calderería Nueva and Calle Alcaiceria. These two streets make you feel like you’re walking through an Arabic market. There you can find those colorful lamps in different shapes and designs. The prices vary between €20 and €40 depending on the size of the lamp. 

I know a lamp might not be the most convenient gift to bring home. However, you can wrap it in clothes and put it in your suitcase or even ship it home by post. I have one at home, and each time I turn it on that holiday feeling always comes back.

3. Orange Blossom Perfume

Recommended by Sydney of Sydney to Anywhere

Orange blossom perfume made from Andalusian oranges is one of the best and most unique gifts you can get in Spain. With its roots deeply embedded in the picturesque city of Seville, this fragrance encapsulates the essence of Spanish culture and represents the country’s rich heritage.

The orange groves of Andalusia, bathed in the warm Mediterranean sun, produce blossoms with a fresh, delicate aroma. Skilled artisans carefully handpick these blossoms, capturing their exquisite scent to create a truly unique perfume. The process is a labor of love, reflecting the passion and dedication of Spanish craftsmanship.

What makes this gift truly special is its connection to Seville. In this Southern city, orange trees line the streets and fill the air with their sweet fragrance. When gifted, you can share the enchantment of the Andalusian countryside with your friends or family.

Orange blossom perfume symbolizes Spain’s love for tradition, its celebration of nature’s beauty, and the harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance. It serves as a reminder of Spain’s historical ties to the Mediterranean, where the orange tree was introduced centuries ago and flourished in this enchanting land.

Costing around $20, this perfume is an excellent gift from Spain that will instantly transport you to the warm, sun-drenched fields of Andalusia.

Paella kit, gift from Spain

4. Paella Kit

Recommended by Lara of The Best Travel Gifts

Even though paella is originally from the Valencia region, many (foreign) people consider it one of the most typical foods from Spain. And that’s exactly why a DIY paella kit is an awesome gift from Spain. It will allow the recipient to recreate this delicious dish and bring a bit of Spanish flavors home.

And the best part?

You can either order a complete paella kit on Amazon without any fuss or you can create a simple DIY food kit yourself. All you need is a traditional paella pan and some ingredients and you’re all set. Fun fact, did you know that the name of the dish actually comes from the Valencian name for the frying pan? A paella.

Besides, the pan you can add short-grain white rice, saffron (which gives the rice that distinct yellow color), broth cubes, beans, paella spices, and a printed recipe card. Personally, I would not add fresh ingredients (such as veggies, lemons, fish, or meat) just because you won’t know when the recipient will have to prepare the dish.

Depending on how you’re planning to make your DIY paella gift it will cost between 40$ for a DIY version up to 120$ for one on Amazon. But because the recipient can use the paella pan over and over again to make all sorts of variants from Paella Valenciana to Paella de Marisco it’s a very durable gift that’s absolutely worth the money.

Click here to order a paella kit from Amazon

Saffron, gift from Spain

5. Saffron

Recommended by Lavinia of Continent Hop

When it comes to one-of-a-kind gifts from Spain, saffron stands out. Saffron, also known as “red gold,” is a valuable spice derived from the delicate stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower. Spain is one of the world’s largest saffron producers, and its high-quality saffron has won international acclaim.

The cultural significance and culinary value of saffron make it an ideal Spanish gift. Saffron is deeply woven into the fabric of Spanish cuisine, appearing in classic dishes such as paella and arroz con leche.

Furthermore, saffron is associated with luxury and exclusivity. Its high price is due to the labour-intensive cultivation process, as well as the meticulous hand-harvesting of the delicate stigmas.

A little saffron goes a long way in adding a distinct aroma, flavour, and vibrant colour to dishes. While the price of saffron varies depending on the quality and quantity, you can expect to pay $10 to $30 for a small vial or container of high-quality Spanish saffron.

If you’re planning a day trip from Seville to Granada, make sure to make a stop at the Alcaiceria Market and indulge in the aromatic world of saffron. This bustling market is the perfect place to find high-quality saffron, handpicked from the fields of Spain.

Saffron is therefore an excellent choice for a memorable gift from Spain. It embodies Spain’s culinary traditions, represents luxury and exclusivity, and adds a splash of vibrant colour to any dish.

6. Paprika

Recommended by Karen of Outdoor Adventure Sampler

You only need to go into a grocery store in Spain to bring back a thoughtful gift for family or friends. The Spanish paprika that you can find on the store shelves is a useful gift for friends, especially for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Paprika is revered in Spain as an essential spice for classic Spanish dishes such as paella, fish, chorizo, and patatas bravas. It’s called pimentón in Spain and comes in sweet, spicy, and smoked varieties. The distinctively smokey flavor of Spanish paprika sets it apart.

The warm, dry growing season in areas of Spain make for perfect conditions to produce the peppers that are dried and ground into paprika. The spice is so vital to the culture of Spain that it is regulated by quality control boards in Extremadura and Murcia. 

Therefore, if you are leaving Spain with not much space in your luggage for presents, pick up a few canisters of Spanish paprika and pair them with some Spanish recipes for a thoughtful gift.  

Mushrooms, gift from Spain

7. Dried Mushrooms

Recommended by Cassie of Mexico Cassie Goes International

Mushrooms might not be the first thing you think about when you think about souvenirs from Spain but they should definitely be on your shopping list when you visit Aracena in Andalucia.

Aracena is a beautiful small town in the north of Huelva province. Here, black pigs idle away the days in the shade of cork trees that cover so much of this part of Spain and much of Portugal. These pigs, by the way, are the source of so much of Spain’s highest quality jamón. For me though, the ham isn’t the draw of this region, it’s the mushrooms.

Not only does the countryside around Aracena offer some of the best walking opportunities in Andalucia, but it is also home to a proliferation of wild mushrooms. (Note: please don’t go mushroom picking on your own. It simply isn’t safe to do that unless you know what you’re doing.)

Between November and April, Aracena turns into a mushroom connoisseur’s idea of heaven. Restaurants serve up plates of mushrooms, and shops sell mushrooms, fresh, frozen and dried. In fact, all year round you can pick up dried specialty mushrooms from delicatessens such as Tienda Setas Sirlache on the plaza of Aracena. 

8. Olive Oil

Recommended by Denise of Chef Denise: Secrets Revealed

Did you know Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world? Yup, even beats out Italy! In fact, Spain accounts for over 50% of the global production. So, if you’re looking for the perfect souvenir or gift from Spain, olive oil should be on your list.

In Spain they take great pride in their production methods and the high quality of their extra virgin olive oils. Spanish olive oil is known for its fruity, slightly sweet flavor and its beautiful golden-green color. It has won numerous awards for its flavor, quality, and aroma. 

The region of Andalusia, in southern Spain, is particularly well-known for its olive oil production, and many of the finest Spanish olive oils come from that region. Ever wonder why the food of Malaga is so delicious? It’s the olive oil! The climate and soil in that region of Spain are perfect for growing olive trees, and the farmers and producers have hundreds of years, and many generations of experience in working with the trees to produce the best olives and oil possible.

Jerez vinegar, gift from Spain

9. Jerez Vinegar

Recommended by Joanna of Andalucia in My Pocket

Jerez vinegar is one of the most used food staples in the Andalucian cuisine. It is used in making delicious gazpacho, to aromatise summer salads and to give another depth of flavour to stews and meat dishes. It is a versatile acidic vinegar, with a nutty finish, unique when it comes to other vinegars. 

Sherry vinegar, as the Jerez vinegar is known for, is only produced in the South of Spain, in the Jerez triangle: Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria. This is where the DOC Jerez vine region is, where the fortified Sherry comes from.

One of the best things to do in Jerez de la Frontera is going to a bodega for a sherry tasting. During this experience you will also taste the Jerez vinegar, which is made from the same grapes. After your visit, don’t leave without buying a bottle of Jerez vinegar, which makes a wonderful edible souvenir.

A normal bottle of Jerez vinegar, which you can buy in the supermarkets or in a souvenir shop around Jerez de la Frontera, doesn’t cost more than 3 euros. For an aged Jerez vinegar, expect to pay around 10-15 euros for a bottle. 

Marzipan, gift from Spain
Toledo, Spain, traditional Christmas marzipan sweet made with almond mill, eggs, water and sugar in a pastry shop

10. Marzipan

Recommended by Sara of Mindful Travel by Sara

Toledo marzipan is one of the best gifts from Spain and one of the most delicious traditional Spanish sweets. This sweet treat has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries, and it’s still enjoyed around the world today.

Spanish Marzipan is made by combining ground almonds, sugar, and eggs to create a smooth dough-like consistency that can be molded into various shapes or used as a filling. The artisans in Toledo have perfected their recipes and techniques over generations, making this marzipan stand out for its exceptional taste.

Marzipan is traditionally eaten during Christmas time in Spain. But it’s also popular all year round in some places like Toledo, where you can buy them in Santo Tomé or Mazapanes Conde. It’s a great place to find authentic marzipan that will make your gift extra special and memorable.

You can find marzipan in many different forms such as plain bars, animals, flowers, and other decorative designs. It’s perfect for gifting because it looks beautiful as well as tastes delicious.

The taste and texture of this delightful sweet treat can’t be compared to other types of marzipan found elsewhere. So if you’re looking for a truly unique and delicious gift from Spain, Toledo Marzipan is the perfect choice!

Click here to order Spanish marzipan

11. Turron

Recommended by Sabrina of Shades of Summer

Spain is not only known for its great and flavorful cuisine but also for its pastries. Turron is a famous Spanish sweet made from only three ingredients: honey, nuts and egg white. The dish is very sweet and slightly greasy, so it is not something for everyone. 

Traditionally, Turron is enjoyed in the fall and during Christmas time in Spain. Many Spanish families serve Turron as a dessert after Christmas dinner. 

There are many different sorts and variations of Turron. For example, they make different ones in Barcelona or Alicante. A package can cost anything from 3 to 20 euros. 

While the Spanish mainly eat it during the holidays, you can usually buy it year-round. I think it makes for a great gift from Spain to bring home because it is not sensitive to travel and it gives relatives and friends at home the chance to try some original Spanish cuisine. 

12. Spanish Wine

Recommended by Vicki of Vicki Viaja

Spain is known for many things, be it olive oil or fans. But hardly any souvenir is received as well as Spanish wine. This popularity has several reasons.

On the one hand, wine, and also the sangria made from it, is one of the most popular drinks in Spain. On the other hand, wine is generally already seen as a welcome souvenir and hostess gift. And the last reason is that Spanish wine is considered one of the best in the world.

Spain is an ideal country for wine production. The diverse climatic zones on the Iberian Peninsula allow various types of grapes to grow and thus produce wines of different tastes. Therefore, it is best to choose your wine depending on which region of the country you are visiting.

One of the most famous wine regions in Spain is La Rioja. This wine is enjoyed not only in Spain itself but all over Europe and even worldwide. If you visit the region of Catalonia, in the north of the country, a bottle of Cava, Spanish sparkling wine, is especially worthwhile.

You will find different prices depending on the type of wine you choose (color, region, and year). You can purchase a standard bottle for as little as €5. For a good bottle, you will pay around €15-20. However, there is hardly a price limit for excellent quality wine.

13. Sherry

Recommended by Linn of Amused by Andalucia

If you are looking for a unique gift to bring from Spain, a local Sherry from Andalucia’s Sherry Triangle is a great idea. Wine production has a long history in the region and it is believed that the Phoenicians brought vines to the Cadiz Province already in the year 1100BC.

The Sherry Triangle consists of Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa Maria in Cadiz. There are many exquisite types of the fortified wine to choose from, but the most popularly produced and sold are the Manzanilla, Fino, Oloroso, and Amontillado.

The most renowned distilleries are Tio Pepe, Osborne, Barbadillo, and Sandeman. Due to the wide range of sherry wines, you can expect to pay anything from 5 Euros for a bottle to 70 Euros for a premium bottle. No matter what you go for, it is guaranteed to be a success!

14. Andalusian Ceramic Plates

Recommended by Cristina of My Little World Travelling

If you are looking for a unique gift from Southern Spain, you can’t go wrong with Andalusian ceramic plates.

Andalusia is well known for its crafts that range from leather to ceramics in varied shapes, such as plates, bowls, cups, and more. They are eye-catching with their unique geometric patterns, floral motifs and bright colors.

Andalusian ceramic plates have a dual purpose, combining functionality with aesthetics. You can serve food, as they are made with resistant materials, or use them as decoration. Nevertheless, nowadays, Andalusians use these ceramic plates mainly as decoration.

The tradition of pottery making in Southern Spain dates back centuries, with influences from the Moors and Romans, and each province has always specialized in a type of pottery. 

Some beautiful villages that offer high-quality ceramics include Frigiliana and Mijas Pueblo in the province of Malaga. However, you can find them in many more places across the region.

15. Antiques from El Rastro Market

Recommended by Victoria of Guide Your Travel

Antiques from El Rastro, Madrid’s famous flea market, make for the best gifts from Spain. With its eclectic mix of historic artefacts, vintage treasures, and unique curiosities, El Rastro offers a captivating glimpse into Spain’s rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re seeking a tangible piece of history or a distinctive memento, the antique market is a treasure trove of possibilities.

What makes antiques from El Rastro truly special is their representation of Spain’s diverse history and artistic traditions. From Moorish-influenced ceramics and intricately carved wooden furniture to traditional bullfighting memorabilia and vintage flamenco dresses, each item tells a story about Spain’s past. These artefacts capture the essence of Spanish culture, serving as reminders of the country’s flamboyant festivals, passionate traditions, and artistic prowess.

The price range for antique gifts from El Rastro can vary greatly depending on the item’s rarity, age, and condition. One can find affordable options such as vintage postcards, old photographs, or small trinkets for around €10-€50. For those seeking more substantial gifts, beautiful antique furniture, traditional Spanish tiles, or unique art pieces can range from €200 to several thousand euros.

Apart from their historical value, these antiques also serve as conversation starters and cherished keepsakes. Whether gifted to history enthusiasts, art aficionados, or those simply captivated by Spain’s vibrant culture, an antique from El Rastro is a truly unforgettable present. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to transport the recipient to another era, allowing them to connect with Spain’s past while appreciating the craftsmanship and cultural significance of the item.

St. James Shell, gift from Spain

16. St. James Shell

Recommended by Milijana of World Travel Connector 

Camino de Santiago, aka the Way of St James, is one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage trails and the most famous hiking routes. Camino de Santiago leads to the tomb of St James the Apostle in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. St James the Apostle is the patron saint of Spain. 

The coast of Galicia is known for the abundance of scallop shells, also called St James shells. A legend says that the body of St James was covered with scallop shells when found on a seashore of Galicia.

The medieval pilgrims wore a scallop shell on their coats or hats to testify their pilgrimage to Santiago. A scallop shell became a symbol of Camino de Santiago. It symbolizes the strength, courage, and hope of the pilgrimage journey.

Today, Camino pilgrims wear scallop shells on their backpacks and clothing too. Pilgrims usually get their scallops at overnight stays (albergues) at the beginning of their pilgrimage and wear them until they reach Santiago de Compostela. However, even people who don’t walk the Camino but only visit the Cathedral of Santiago buy a shell in Santiago. A scallop shell serves as evidence of their visit to the city.

Today St James shell is one of the most popular gifts from Santiago. And walking Camino de Santiago is one of the most-desired bucket list trials in the world. 

If you wish to walk the Camino, check out this ultralight Camino packing list. This list will help you trek the Camino almost effortlessly and reach Santiago painlessly. Hike the Camino, have the adventure of your life, and get St James shells for your dearest friends and family. 

Mallorca pearls

17. Mallorca Pearls

Recommended by Timon of Travel Spain 24

If you’re hunting for the perfect Spanish gift, look no further than Mallorca pearls. Each pearl is crafted by the loving hands of local artisans. They pour all their energy and passion into each tiny gem. This care and devotion truly reflect Spain itself, a country known for its warmth and passion.

Mallorca is a gorgeous island right in the heart of the Mediterranean. And the pearls? They are like a piece of this sunny paradise you can carry around. Holding one, you can almost feel the sun on your skin and hear the waves lapping on the shore.

The beauty of Mallorca pearls is that they are much cheaper than one may think. Their affordable price range, typically between $100-$300, makes them accessible gifts that radiate a sense of luxury. They’re a truly remarkable representation of Spain’s commitment to detail, elegance, and affordability.

Now, if you’re wondering when it’s the best time to visit Mallorca, it’s got to be summer. Think of long sunny days, sandy beaches, and vibrant local festivals. This is when the pearls look their absolute best as well, gleaming under the warm Spanish sun.

So, if you’re hunting for a gift that’s not only pretty but also tells a story, look no further than Mallorca pearls. These pearls capture the allure of its beaches, the charm of its culture, and the warm spirit of its people. A gift that offers such a beautiful and tangible connection to Spain – who wouldn’t be thrilled to unwrap that?

18. Flamenco Dress

Recommended by Ossama of Awesome Traveler

A flamenco dress is the traditional dress worn by women at Ferias festivals in Andalusia, Spain. And it would be a perfect gift to bring home. The combination of Flamenco skirt with a Flamenco blouse gives a special look that can make anyone look beautiful and fancy. There are varieties of models and designs available at the shops of Andalusia. Therefore, you can choose what suits you best. It is quite colorful and can be worn for special occasions.

There are two types of Flamenco Dresses. The one worn by a dancer and the one worn as day dress. Both versions are trimmed with layers of ruffles in the skirt and blouse. However, the dancer version has fewer layers to allow freedom of movement. One of the most popular places to wear this traditional dress in Spain is in Granada. Therefore, you should checkout the article on the best hotels in Granada, Spain.

19. Flamenco Castanets

Recommended by Daniel of North Carolina Travel Guides

Flamenco castanets make for a great gift from Spain.

Castanets are percussion instruments that consist of two shells that are attached to each other by a string. These shells are usually made from wood, but they also exist in other materials.

They can be used to create a rhythmic sound, and castanets are most often played together with dance.

In the past, castanets were used in many countries, such as Greece, Egypt, and Spain.

Flamenco castanets are often used together with the flamenco dance in Spain. Flamenco is a southern Spanish dance style performed to Spanish folk music and during which the dancer uses castanets to produce click sounds.

You can get Flamenco castanets at many gift shops in Spain. They come in all kinds of colors and styles. The castanets vary in price. They can often be bought for about 5 euros, but depending on the material they can be more expensive as well.

Spanish fan

20. Traditional Fan

Recommended by Kaz of The Honeymoon Guide

A beautiful traditional Spanish fan is one of the best souvenir gifts from Spain. Known as an “abanico” in Spanish, the hand fan has a rich history that dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. 

While the fan likely made its way to Spain through traders returning from Asia, it quickly became an integral part of Spanish culture.

Initially, the fan was a luxury accessory favored by the Spanish nobility, who commissioned skilled craftsmen to paint intricate designs on silk, ivory, and tortoiseshell fans. Over time, it gained popularity as a means of flirtation and eventually became renowned worldwide through the magical performances of Flamenco dancers.

Aside from their cultural significance, Spanish fans also serve a practical purpose, to help keep you cool in Spain’s hot Mediterranean climate!

While souvenir shops across Spain offer a wide variety of fans which cost just a few euros, one of the most authentic places to purchase a fan is Casa de Diego in Madrid. This institution has been selling fans for over 150 years. If you happen to be in London sometime, The Fan Museum in Greenwich is a unique spot to learn the history of the fan, too.


21. Avarcas

Recommended by Liza of Always in Spain

If you’re visiting Menorca, one of the best Spanish holiday islands, don’t leave without buying a pair of avarcas

These handmade sandals have been locally crafted on the island for centuries, originating as practical footwear for Menorcans for everyday activities. Then in the 1960s, avarcas gained popularity as fashionable and comfortable footwear. You can even find the Spanish royals wearing them!

Today, avarcas continue to be handmade by skilled artisans in Menorca, using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.  And while you can find them in selected shoe stores around the world, nothing beats buying one in Menorca itself!

One of the best things about buying avarcas as a gift is that you’re supporting sustainable tourism in Spain. Not only are these sandals a significant part of Menorcan culture, they’re made with locally-sourced materials: the upper is made of leather and the sole is actually made from recycled tires.

On Menorca, you can buy avarcas in local shoe stores in Mahon and Ciutadella. You can also head to the factory outlet stores located in Ferreries. These beautiful sandals are not just for women; you can also find styles for men and children. Notable local brands include Ria Menorca, Mibo, and Ca’n Doblas. Prices start at 35€, depending on the brand and style. 

By gifting avarcas, you’re not only giving a beautiful and practical item but also a piece of Menorcan heritage.

Click here to order your own pair of avarcas sandals.

Final Thoughts on Gifts from Spain

From Mallorca pearls to Iberian ham, these are the best gifts to bring home from Spain. You can bring home Spain’s flavors in saffron, paprika, and olive oil. Or bring home some Andalusian ceramic or a flamenco dress to remember Spain’s rich art and culture.

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