Does it snow in Oregon?

Does it snow in Oregon?

If you’re considering a visit to Oregon during the winter, you may be wondering “Does it snow in Oregon”?

As a native Oregonian, who has experienced many Oregon winters, I can tell you that yes – it does snow in Oregon!

And while the amount of snowfall varies from region to region, there are plenty of areas where you can expect some wintery weather.

In this blog post, I will explain what types of snowfalls occur in different parts of the state. With my expertise and experience living here through all four seasons, I am confident that I can provide reliable information about all things related to winter weather in our beautiful state.

So read on if you want to find out more about what it’s like when it snows in Oregon!

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Does Oregon Get Snow? 

Most of the snow in Oregon falls on the Cascade Mountains, which run north to south through the state and extend into Washington and northern California.

The higher elevations of Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson receive the most snowfall, with up to 600 inches each year in some spots.

In fact, Mount Hood is home to some of the country’s best skiing conditions. The town of Government Camp near Mount Hood averages over 300 inches of snow annually. 

Other parts of Oregon tend to get far less snow than the Cascades. The city of Bend averages just 31 inches of snow every year while Portland only receives about 15 inches annually.

However, even these lower elevations can see significant snowfall during certain winters – especially when cold air from Canada moves southward and meets moist air from the Pacific Ocean. 

How Much Snow Can I Expect in Oregon? 

If you’re planning a trip to one of Oregon’s mountain towns or ski resorts, you can usually count on there being plenty of powdery white stuff falling from November through April.

During those months, it’s not unusual for ski resort towns like Sunriver and Sisters to get several feet of fresh powder per week!

Further east towards Bend and Redmond, however, snowfall tends to be much more sparse; they typically only get a few inches each month during peak winter months (December-February). 

For example, Bend averages around 8-12 inches per month during that time period while Redmond sees 3-6 inches per month on average. 

Meanwhile, in Portland, monthly snowfall is even less common; in fact, it’s rare for more than an inch or two at a time!  

Does it snow in Oregon, Multnomah falls in the snow

Does it snow in Portland, Oregon?

Yes, it does snow in Portland, Oregon! However, the amount of snowfall is highly variable and tends to be much lower than in surrounding mountain towns.

Portland averages just 15 inches of snow annually – which is significantly less than ski resorts like Mount Hood (which get up to 350 inches per year).

As with other areas in the Pacific North West, you are more likely to experience rain than snow in Portland.   

That said, there are some years when the city sees more than its fair share of winter storms.

In 2017 for example, Portland experienced a record-breaking snowfall of over 11 inches in just one day!

So while snow may not be as common in Portland as it is in other parts of Oregon, it still does snow in Portland! 

Does it Snow in Eugene, Oregon?

Yes, it does snow in Eugene Oregon!  While the amount of snowfall varies from year to year, the city typically sees around 3 inches of snow between December and February.

In comparison to other parts of the state, this is relatively low; however, it can still be enough to create beautiful winter scenes.

Eugene also experiences frequent ice storms in the winter months which can make driving difficult; be sure to plan your trips accordingly during those times! 

Does it Snow in Beaverton, Oregon?

Yes, it does snow in Beaverton Oregon!  The city typically receives around 3-4 inches of snowfall between December and February every year.

The amount of snowfall varies from one year to the next. However, Beaverton rarely gets large snowfalls like other parts of the state; it tends to be more of a ‘light dusting’.

Crater Lake, Oregon in the snow

Crater Lake National Park in Winter

Crater Lake National Park receives a good amount of snow each year.  While Rim Road closes to vehicles due to heavy snow accumulation, the park remains open to snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and hiking. 

The lake is absolutely breathtaking with a snowy backdrop, and being in the park with very few visitors makes winter at Crater Lake a wonderful experience. 

Keep in mind that lodging and food services will be closed in the winter, so come prepared!

Best Places to Snow Ski in Oregon

Oregon is a great place for skiing and snowboarding. There are numerous ski resorts located all around the state, offering everything from family-friendly slopes to steep and challenging runs.

Some of the most popular resorts include Mount Hood Meadows (near Portland), Bachelor Ski Resort (near Bend), and Willamette Pass (near Eugene). 

These resorts are great for a weekend getaway or can be combined as part of an extended ski holiday. 

And with plenty of powdery snow to enjoy, there’s no better place than Oregon for winter sports enthusiasts!

Where in Oregon gets the Most Snow?

The highest elevations of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon typically get the most snow.  Mount Hood averages around 600 inches per year while nearby Mount Jefferson sees an average of 400 inches each season.

Government Camp near Mt. Hood is a particularly popular spot for skiing with over 300 inches of snow annually! 

Other parts of Oregon may not get as much snow, but they can still experience significant winter storms from time to time.

So while the Cascade Mountains are definitely the place to go for big powder days, you can still find plenty of winter fun in other parts of Oregon too!  

Things to do in Oregon in the snow

Things to do in Oregon When it Snows

1. Skiing/Snowboarding: Mt. Hood Meadows, Mt. Bachelor, Timberline Lodge & Ski Area

2. Snowshoeing: Mirror Lake in The Mount Hood National Forest

3. Sledding/Tubing: Skibowl near Government Camp

4. Hot Springs: Umpqua Hot Springs near Roseburg

5. Ice Fishing: Wallowa Lake State Park

6. Snowmobiling: Bend Pine Mountain Sno-Park near LaPine

7. Snow Tubing: Hoodoo Ski Area near Sisters

8. Dog Sledding Tours: Sunriver Resort

9. Ice Climbing: Smith Rock State Park

10 Winter Hiking Trails: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Snow in Oregon FAQs

Is snow common in Oregon?

Snow is common in the Cascades Region of Oregon.  Snow is less common on the Oregon Coast but it occasionally does see small amounts of snow.

Does it snow year-round in Oregon?

Most of the snow falls in Oregon between December and February.  Areas that receive heavy snowfall, such as Mount Hood may have snow that remains year-round.

Does Portland, Oregon have snow?

Sometimes! Portland usually sees a handful of days per year that bring light snowfall. 

What part of Oregon does not get snow?

The coastal region of Oregon, such as Seaside, experiences the least amount of snow annually.

Does Oregon have all 4 seasons?

Yes! Oregon has all 4 seasons.  In the Eastern part of Oregon, you will experience more extreme seasons, such as very hot summers, and cold snowy winters.  On the Western part of the state, you will experience all 4 seasons, but at a more gradual pace.

Are winters bad in Oregon?

Winters can be long and gray in the Pacific Northwest.  Be prepared for long stretches of cloudy skies and drizzly rain.  In the Eastern part of the state, you will have more blue skies and clear days, but the temperature will be colder.

Does Oregon get blizzards?

No, Oregon does not get blizzards.

What is the coldest month in Oregon?

January is the coldest month in Oregon.

What City in Oregon Gets the Most Snow?

Chemult Oregon is the city with the most snow, followed by Sisters Oregon.

Snow in Oregon wrap-up:

Oregon is a beautiful place to visit during the winter months and offers many activities for those who love snow.

Whether you’re looking for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, or ice fishing opportunities; Oregon has something to offer everyone!

While most of the heaviest snowfall occurs in the Cascade Mountains region of Oregon, other parts of the state may experience significant winter storms from time to time.

Before visiting Oregon in wintertime though, be sure to plan ahead so that you can enjoy all that this amazing state has to offer without any surprises.

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