Goat yoga review: Everything you need to know

Goat yoga review: Everything you need to know

Original Goat Yoga review PDX: Will the goats poop on me? I’ve got answers to this and to all your other most burning questions.

You’ve probably heard of this quirky experience, goat yoga. And maybe you’re a little bit curious, but not sure if you want to try it out for yourself. Or maybe you’ve already bought tickets and just want to know what to expect when you go. In either case, I wrote this goat yoga review to help answer some of your questions!

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The Ambiance

We drove through the trees, along winding country roads to get to the farm where our goat yoga session was held. Stepping out of our warm car, the air was cold against our checks, and I was thankful for my fleece.

As we entered the barn, horses poked their noses out of their stalls to say hello. Hanging lights in the barn created a cozy, hygge vibe. And a thick layer of hay covered the ground, offering padding and insulation from the cold.

We could hear a rooster call from outside the barn. Meanwhile a chicken strutted around the room, squawking about the egg she was getting ready to lay.

TIP: If you have seasonal allergies, you may want to take a non drowsy antihistamine about a half hour to an hour before arriving for you goat yoga session.

Goat Yoga Review

We laid our yoga mats down on the thick layer of hay. I’ve never practiced yoga on such an uneven surface before. However, it was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. By the end, I was covered in hay from head to toe. But you’re not having fun if you don’t get a little dirty, right?!

The goats were free to wander around the room during our yoga session. They will likely wander over to you through out the session to say hello, give a little nibble, and maybe even climb on your back. Feeling them climb on my back felt like a medium pressure deep tissue massage.

The goats, Reba and Dolly, butted heads with each other while Jelly jumped off a hay bale, rolling into her landing. Apollo intertwined himself between my legs while I lunged into warrior two. They nibbled at my braid and wisps of my hair. They even nipped my sister’s behind!

Goat Happy Hour Review

Two 2-week-old sweater-wearing baby goats, Betty and June, greeted us when we arrived at the barn for check-in. They had to leave for the yoga session, but came back for goat happy hour.

During goat happy hour, we took a few fun photos, pet the goats, and had an opportunity to ask questions. You can also purchase some Original Goat Yoga swag during this time.

The older goats were all very friendly, and their coats were incredibly lush and thick. It was impossible not to smile, watching the goats play and nibble. It was just the little serotonin boost I needed, in these dark PNW winter months.

Do I have to have any yoga experience to participate in goat yoga?

No, you don’t! No yoga experience is required. Our yoga instructor offered us beginner, intermediate and advanced adaptations for each pose, depending on our skill level.

It is also 100% acceptable to show up and not do any yoga at all. If all you want to do is pet and love on the goats, that is completely ok. It was a very low-key environment with a heavy focus on smiles, laughs, and fun.

Cost and Registration

When we visited, our goat yoga session cost $35/person. Registration was all online.

How long to plan for

Our goat yoga experience lasted an hour. The first 30 minutes was the yoga portion. The second half of the class they call “goat happy hour.”

TIP: Be sure to show up about 15 minutes early for check-in and to get your mat set up.

When to go

Goat yoga sessions are held all year round. We went on a cold January day, and our goat yoga session was held in a barn, to keep us dry from the elements. During the summer, goat yoga sessions are held outside near a pond.

We had so much fun going during the winter, and I can’t wait to visit again for a summer session. I’d say as long you come prepared for the temperature, any time of year is a good time to go.

Goat Yoga Review

Class Size

Our class had 8 people, although average winter class sizes range from 10-12 attendees. With 8 people, it was very easy to keep a safe social distance of 6 feet apart. They do cap the class size at 15 participants during the winter for this reason. Summer classes are often larger, as there is more room to spread out.

Original Goat Yoga Locations

There are Original Goat Yoga locations in 9 states, including Oregon, Washington, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, New York, Texas, and Michigan.

Oregon has two locations in Oregon City (Portland area) and Monroe (about 2 hours south of Portland). Oregon also offers a Goat Happy Hour option for if you’re not interested in yoga, but still want to play with the goats.

What to wear

Holy cow, it’s cold outside in January! I wore a comfortable pair of yoga pants with a warm fleece zip-up. FYI, I also kept my shoes on for the yoga session to help keep warm. So be sure to wear comfortable tennis shoes you can do yoga in if you’re visiting during the colder months.

If you visit during the summer, be sure to bring sunscreen. Summer goat yoga sessions are held outside, and I’m not sure how much shade may be available.

What to bring

-A mask (We kept our masks on when it was not possible to social distance.)

-A water bottle

-A phone or camera for some cute pictures with the goats!

-A yoga mat or a towel (if you don’t have a yoga mat)

TIP: Instead of bringing your own yoga mat, rent one of theirs. Yoga mat rental is only $5. And then you don’t have to worry about clean up afterwards if a goat messes on your mat!

Will the goats poop on my yoga mat?

Probably. But don’t fret! Their poop is like little rabbit pellets, and they easily just shake right off your yoga mat.

However, slightly more problematic is if one of the goats pees on your mat. I got a little over half way through the yoga session before one of the goats peed on my mat. I simply flipped the mat over, and it wasn’t a problem any more. This is why you may want to rent your yoga mat instead of bringing your own, though.

I hope my PDX goat yoga review helped answer your questions. Still have more questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can answer it!

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