50 Perfect Must-Have Travel Gift Ideas for Her (2024)

50 Perfect Must-Have Travel Gift Ideas for Her (2024)

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Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve got the perfect list of travel gift ideas for her – your sister, your mother, your best friend, or your lover – just in time for the holidays!

Ok, now some of these products I’ve tried myself and swear by. Others, I haven’t tried yet, but I want to!

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Best Travel Gift Ideas for her in 2024

1. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024

Read this book before you make your 2024 travel plans! Find out what places will be overcrowded and which ones are underrated. You know, go here, not there. And an exciting side note, this is the book’s 50th year anniversary!

2. Bucket List Journal

Another great source of travel inspiration before you get to the planning phase. Write down your travel bucket list in this cute little journal. Then start making some memories and marking off some places!

3. Travel Planner

Now that you’re sufficiently inspired, start scheming and stay organized for your vacations in 2024 with this cute planner!

4. Scratch Off Map of the World

And then keep record of where you’ve been with this cool map. This is such a epic gift. We have one of these framed and hanging on our wall, and it’s such a fun way to document our travels together.

5. Southwest Airlines gift card

We’ve all seen those memes, “In case anyone is Christmas shopping for me, I’m a size first-class-round-trip-to-Paris.” Gift her this gift card for Christmas so she can get what you know she really wants!

6. Airalo eSIM card

Help her stay connected to her family and friends while traveling with the eSIM card. Airalo’s eSIM cards provide data packs for over 200 countries and regions and will save you high roaming bills, without even having to set foot in a store.

Click here to explore Airalo’s eSIM card options.

7. The Catch Me if You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World

This is the amazing and inspiring story of the first black woman to visit all 195 countries–Jessica Nabonga. If you love reading about strong and intriguing women, this book should be on your list.

8. Travel Subscription Box

Give a gift that keeps on giving all year round—a travel subscription box! Check out these amazing travel subscription box ideas from The Travel Sisters.

9. The Rainbow Atlas

Explore the world through this bound collection of colorful photography. This beautiful book visits some of the most vivid locations around the world, from natural landscapes, to architecture and art.

10. Pack This! Packing List Notepad

Always forgetting something at home when you leave for vacation? Not any more, with this handy little notepad!

11. Adventure Awaits Canvas Tote

This cute bag is perfect for toting around your essentials for the day.

12. Pop Fashion Infinity Scarf

This cute little fashion accessory will help keep your passport close, but safe from pickpockets.

13. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Ok, this is one I received as a gift one year, and I love it! I use it at parties, special events, and vacations. It’s a gift that keeps giving – the photos make great souvenirs with a retro vibe.

14. Wanderlust Wall Art

Decorate your home to inspire your love of travel with this fun wall art.

15. Wanderlust throw pillow cover

Or dress up your couch and throw pillows with this pillow cover.

16. “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” Women’s T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt?!

17. Birkenstocks

Last big vacation, I brought three pairs of shoes with me. Two pairs of tennis shoes and my birks. I don’t think I put the tennis shoes on even once – my birks were so comfy! I swear I won’t leave home without them again.

18. Travel Rucksack

This fashionable yet functional backpack will hold your daily essentials, has room for your laptop, and an external USB charging cable.

19. EverSnug travel blanket and pillow

Nap comfy and cozy on the plane or train with this blanket that turns into a pillow.

20. Packing Cubes

It can be rough living out of a suitcase, but these packing cubes make it a little easier and will help keep you organized. Definitely worth it!

21. Laundry Bag

Keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean laundry with this super cute laundry bag!

22. Wanderlust Compass Necklace

She’ll love this simple little compass necklace.

23. Travel Jewelry Box

This travel jewelry box is the perfect solution to keep her bling organized and her necklaces from tangling.

24. Travel Cosmetic Bag

This cosmetic bag opens wide, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

25. Hair Towel Wrap

Another one of my all-time favs. Typically, if I have a tool that can serve multiple purposes, I call that good enough. I don’t like to have a gadget for everything. It’s too much clutter.

But my husband is the king of all gift givers. He seems to know what I’m going to love better than I know myself. He got this hair wrap for me one year and now I can’t live without it!

And here’s why I can’t live without it. My hair dries faster. The towel sits far more secure than a normal towel and is far less awkward or bulky. This is a must-have item, especially for anyone with long hair.

26. Sephora Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes

Again, this is another item I thought I could live without. Until I tried it. It’s so refreshing first thing in the morning, and gives me an extra little pep in my step. This ones going in my carry on bag next time to use as a post-flight pick-me-up!

27. Drunk Elephant Travel Size Skin Care Essentials

Never leave home without good skin care essentials.

28. Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo Bar

I tried this shampoo bar out of curiosity, and it worked just like normal shampoo – lathered up great and everything. And it lasts far longer than the small travel size bottles of shampoo, without the plastic waste, which is a win-win for me!

29. Love Beauty and Planet dry shampoo

Again, another must-have item for those early mornings when you don’t have time for a full hair wash and style.

30. Travel Yoga Mat

It’s hard to keep up an exercise routine when you’re away from home. But having a firm plan in place can help you keep up those good habits. I take my yoga mat everywhere I can. And I love how small and lightweight the travel yoga mats are!

31. Sand-free beah towel

No one likes sand in their sandwich. These beautiful beach towels won’t hold onto the sand though!

32. Portable Travel Size USB Essential Oil Diffuser

It can be difficult to sleep well away from home. Plus, invariably, someone always ends up under the weather when we travel. We found having a travel essential oil diffuser was indispensable. We’ve diffused peppermint for nausea, eucalyptus for better breathing, and lavender for better sleep.

33. Portable Charger

Don’t leave home without this! When you’re out on the go from dawn to dusk, there’s not always time to sit and charge your phone. This allows me to stay in touch with my travel buddies and take photos all day long, without a pause.

34. Pop Socket

Who doesn’t love a little personalized bling for their phone?

35. Digital Luggage Scale

If you’ve ever gotten to the airport and had to rearrange your bags last minute, or mail your belongings home, you know how important this scale is!

36. Travel Outlet Adapter

Remember the old days when we had a separate adaptor for each and every country we visited? No? Is that just me? Well I love that this all-in-one saves space and chaos.

37. Stainless Steel Travel Utensils

This cute cutlery set is an excellently eco-friendly choice when traveling, and will help you cut down on your single-use plastics.

38. Adventure is Calling Coffee Mug

Get her inspired for the day with this perfect mug while she sips her morning coffee.

39. Collapsible water bottle

Stay hydrated, all while saving space and the planet, by cutting down on your single-use plastics with this convenient, collapsible water bottle.

40. LifeStraw Water Filter Bottle

This is a critical item for securing safe drinking water in certain parts of the world. Depending on where she’s traveling, she won’t want to travel without it.

41. LifeStraw (straw only)

The LifeStraw is available in a straw/water bottle combo, or as the straw only.

42. A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain

The cook, the travel guru, the legend. A Cook’s Tour was Anthony Bourdain’s ticket to stardom, where it all began. Reading his books and watching his TV shows, it’s amazing to see how he grew over the years from this humble beginning.

43. No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach by Anthony Bourdain

This book is a bit of a companion to the TV series No Reservations, with photos and tips from Anthony Bourdain’s travels on the show.

44. World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain, Laurie Woolever

In this book, Anthony Bourdain shares travel tips on some of his favorite locations around the world. From where to eat and sleep, to how to get there and what to avoid, this book gives practical advice in Bourdain’s iconic, bad-boy style.

45. The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World

This amazing book visits every country in the world, and helps you learn about different countries’ cultures through their food, music, and film. It also advises the best time of year to visit different countries.

46. Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When

Lonely Planet is a powerhouse of traveling resources and knowledge. This particular book will break down the best places to visit around the world, month by month.

47. Trekking the World: A family board game

Trekking the World is a fun way to spend the evening with family and friends. When you can’t actually travel, sit down and play this board game and day dream about traveling instead.

48. Trekking the National Parks

We have this game and love it. Win the game by visiting more national parks than any other player and achieving additional goals along the way, and learn about the parks in the process!

49. Antique World Map 1,000 piece puzzle

Why not practice your geography over a puzzle?

50. Vintage Travel Tickets 500 piece puzzle

Enjoy these vintage travel vibes over this fun, 500-piece puzzle.

Whatever women you’re shopping for this season, there’s sure to be the perfect gift idea for her in this travel themed wish list. And when all the holiday shopping is done, I hope you have yourself a merry little Christmas!

In the mean time, if you’re looking for more travel inspiration, check out Clarice’s Travel Bucket List.

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