These are the 3 most romantic cities in Spain

These are the 3 most romantic cities in Spain

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From its music and dance to its food and sports, Spanish culture is one full of fire and passion. So it’s no wonder there’s such an abundance of romantic cities in Spain.

This makes Spain the ideal romantic getaway, whether you’re looking to spark a flame of romance, celebrate your honeymoon, or your 50th wedding anniversary. But with so many lovely cities to choose from, where does one even begin?

After traveling throughout the country with my husband, I can tell you that these particular three cities are easily the most romantic cities in Spain. Intrigued? Then keep on scrolling and I’ll share some tips with you on how to create an experience that will really hit your romance out of the park!

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1. Ronda

Everything about Ronda’s atmosphere spells romance. This Andalusian village sits on the brink of the Tajo Gorge in a way that just takes your breath away.

In the evenings, the twilight plays gently against the white walled houses, creating a gentle glow. And the way the town empties out at night, you feel like you and your partner could be the only two people left in the world.

The city is nestled amongst the Andalusian vineyards of southern Spain. And in the early spring, the air is filled with the sweet scent of orange blossoms.

Just a few minutes in Ronda, and it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the most romantic cities in Spain.

Tips to get the most romance out of your visit to Ronda

  • Visit the surrounding countryside for an afternoon of wine tasting at Bodega Doña Felisa.
  • Hike or take a taxi down to the Arco de Cristo for a romantic sunset view of the iconic Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”) over the Tajo Gorge.
  • Eat dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Tajo Gorge. (Albacara and Restaurante Don Miguel are both excellent options.)
  • Stay over night! Many people only visit Ronda for a day trip. But much of the magic happens at night.
  • Book your stay at Hotel Montelirio. This 17th century palace once belonged to Count Montelirio. Now a hotel, the price and the service are great, the food is delicious. But its location and view are everything.

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2. Segovia

If you’re a hopeless romantic and love a good fairy tale, then you need to make sure Segovia is part of your Spain itinerary. Segovia is such a romantic little town, it’s actually influenced a fairy tale! The picturesque Alcazar de Segovia inspired the castle in the 1937 Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

This cobblestoned Medieval town is surrounded by rolling green hills, and is full of beautiful and interesting architecture. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, Segovia’s Old Town encompasses a 1st century Roman aqueduct and Spain’s last Gothic cathedral.

A stroll with your sweetheart through this quaint Spanish city is sure to have all the makings of a fairy tale romance.

Tips to get the most romance out of your visit to Segovia:

  • Stroll along the Medieval city walls for a stunning view of the city.
  • Walk or take a taxi to Mirador de La Pradera de San Marcos for a postcard worthy view of “Snow White’s” Castle.
  • Visit the Alcazar de Segovia. Look for Snow White’s wishing well and make a wish!
  • Enjoy a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the Alcazar with Siempre en las Nubes.
  • Live it up like nobility and book your stay at Hotel Cetina Palacio Ayala-Berganza. This 15th century palace is situated in the center of town, walking distance from all the historical sites.

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Barcelona, romantic cities in Spain

3. Barcelona

Barcelona, the city that introduced chocolate to Europe. With a reputation like that, you know the city has got to be full of romance. After all, chocolate is basically its own love language, right?

This romantic Spanish city is a maze of narrow and intimate streets, endlessly interesting to get lost in. And much of the architecture is of the modernist influence, full of fanciful curves that look like a day-dream-turned-reality.

While wandering this beautiful city, enjoy a few plates of tapas, a meal meant for sharing! Stop to experience churros con chocolate (the chocolate is uniquely rich in Spain!). Or enjoy a glass of Sangria together on the beach.

Tips to get the most romance out of your visit to Barcelona:

  • Watch the sunrise over the ocean as you go for a stroll along the beach.
  • Take a tapas and wine tasting tour through El Born and the Gothic Quarter together!
  • Learn all about one of love’s greatest languages: chocolate! Visit Barcelona’s chocolate museum to learn about the history and production of chocolate and how it was introduced to Europe through Spain.
  • Be mesmerized together by the sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows at La Sagrada Familia. For this unforgettable experience, book your tickets at sunset.
  • Book your stay at the luxurious Hotel Neri. It’s located conveniently in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Oh, and did I mention this hotel was also originally a palace?! This one from the 12th century.

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Final thoughts on these romantic cities in Spain

The country of Spain is teeming with romantic cities. However, from Ronda’s breathtaking views, to Segovia’s fairly tale influence, and Barcelona’s day-dream like ambiance, it’s no wonder these are the three most romantic cities in Spain.

If you really want to make a big impression or create unforgettable memories to last you and your partner a lifetime, these are the cities you need to visit. And if you weren’t in love when you arrived in Spain, you’ll be in love by the time you leave.

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