Travel insurance: how to keep your vacation stress free

Travel insurance: how to keep your vacation stress free

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Hey there, ¡amigos! So I just got back from Mexico, and I had to tell you. I am so glad I got travel insurance. No, I did not need to use it, thank goodness. Yes, it was still 100% worth every penny. It gave me so much peace of mind both leading up to the trip, and while we were away from home. I didn’t worry once about what happens if we have a last minute trip cancellation, if I get sick or injured while I’m gone, or what to do about lost luggage.

Travel Insurance During the Pandemic

Usually when I’ve traveled in the past, it’s been without travel insurance. And I’ve been fortunate enough to skate through my previous adventures relatively unscathed. But you hear horror stories, from other travelers. And after a while, I started to wonder if I’m taunting the travel gods and tempting my fate, traveling without insurance. I figured at some point, my luck had to run out.

Especially this time around, traveling just felt…different. The pandemic was the number one reason I sought out travel insurance for our trip to Mexico. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve all learned to live with uncertainty and that even the best of plans can fall apart in an instant.

Even so, that uncertainty can be difficult to swallow when it comes to canceled travel plans and lost deposits. Countries announcing <yet another> lockdown, ever-changing travel restrictions, getting the sniffles…any number of things can threaten your travel plans in this new world we’re living in. If nothing else, having travel insurance gave me peace of mind. I knew I had options to work with if our plans went askew.

Travel Insurance: To Buy or not to buy?

I know, I know. Now a lot of people will say, “Travel insurance? That’s just a waste of money.” And it is certainly one of those things you purchase with the hope of never needing to use it.

The overall cost of our off-season, all-inclusive Costco package for Mexico cost around $3,250 USD. Then add on another $500 dollars if you choose to go on any excursions or want to buy a few souvenirs to take home. Our travel insurance policy cost us just shy of $100 USD and covered four people. It covered trip cancellation and medical expenses (my greatest concerns), and so much more.

While in Mexico, we learned that a fellow guest had the misfortune of slipping on a wet floor in their room. In falling, this guest bit their lip, broke their front teeth, and broke their arm in three places. Can you even imagine?!

The pain from injury and a spoiled vacation would be enough on their own. But then we discovered from our taxi driver (I swear, taxi drivers know everything about a country) that many hospitals in Mexico require an available credit card limit of thousands of dollars before you can receive medical treatment. Do you have that? Most of us probably don’t.

Of course every country’s medical system will be different. I had never realized the importance of researching how to get medical care in different countries. Maybe I believed the fallacy that I was young and impervious. I didn’t believe I would get sick or injured while on vacation. But going forward, travel insurance costs little in comparison to the total cost of the trip. And for me, it’s worth the security.

Advantages v. Disadvantages

Still sitting on the fence about purchasing travel insurance and not sure which way to jump? I find simply listing out and weighing the advantages v. disadvantages makes the decision-making process straight forward.

List every item your policy covers here…
Peace of mind
It’s an added expense to your tripSecurity
You might not need itThen again, you might need it after all

Of course it’s a gamble, purchasing or not purchasing travel insurance. But which bet would you rather place? I’ll take the safer bet.

What does travel insurance cover?

Different travel insurance companies and policies will cover different things. Some examples of the things they may cover include medical expenses, trip delay, trip cancellation and interruption, emergency evacuation, baggage delay, missed connections, and more.

Our particular insurance policy offered additional services, including lost baggage search, cash advance assistance, flight rebooking, and roadside assistance.

But with so many companies and policies out there to choose from, how do you know you’re choosing the best option for your particular trip and needs?

Travel Insurance Master

Travel Insurance Master

In the past, I would have just purchased whatever travel insurance may have been offered through the company I was purchasing my vacation through (amateur, I know.) However, the idea of comparing and shopping for the right travel insurance can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look.

I found Travel Insurance Master made the process headache free. They help you compare different policy options from the top 10 providers to choose the most fitting option for you and your trip. They’ll even break down and explain insurance terms, so you understand the fine print in your policy.

After purchasing through them for our Mexico trip, I won’t do it any other way. I spent our week in Puerto Vallarta just sitting under the palm trees, soaking up the heat, enjoying the sunsets…not a care in the world.

Have you ever had to use your travel insurance, or not had it and wish you had? I’d love to hear your experiences and perspectives. So please drop a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Travel insurance: how to keep your vacation stress free”

  • I am with you – always happy to have bought travel insurance and not have to use it. We like that feeling of having some extra insurance in case something goes wrong. On our last trip we added Covid insurance on top of Cancel for Any Reason. Right now we know so much can change that we are even more cautious than normal.

  • I’ll admit, I rarely if ever buy travel insurance, but you’re right, the last couple years have definitely made travel feel more scared and I think you may have convinced me that I should be protecting my investment more!

  • We always buy travel insurance (mostly for the medical costs) but it is nice to know you’re covered if anything else goes wrong. I find it a bit more stressful to choose here compared to travel insurance in Europe, so it’s good to hear about Travel Insurance Master. Thanks for that tip.

  • I have personally never purchased travel insurance and have never needed it, even though I’ve travelled to almost half the countries in the world.
    I have an emergency fund instead that doesn’t require any paperwork and waiting periods to access.
    For any airline related issues, like lost and damaged luggage, cancelled flights, etc, you can apply for compensation directly through the airline and it’s a much quicker process than it would be through the insurance companies. For damaged luggage, they’ll give you money on the spot!

  • This is a great guide to better understand the pros and cons of travel insurance. Best way to ensure a stress-free vacation!

  • I’m so bad. I ALWAYS buy travel insurance, and then I never bother to submit my claims when I get home. Fortunately I’ve never spent more than $200, so my laziness hasn’t cost me too much!

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